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The Jennifer Stanich Banmiller Foundation is a non-profit and serves the needs of women injured by no fault of their own by the drug and product industry. The foundation was founded in 2022 by Jennifer Stanich Banmiller and is headquartered in the SF Bay Area. Our goal is to help the women and their families who have been left as collateral damage to big profits by the drug and product companies by helping raise money for care, treatment and ideally building prototype Life centers in different parts of the country for them to physically get treatment at a physical or mental or wellness level.

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Our Founder

Jennifer Stanich-Banmillerr

Jennifer Banmiller, founder of Hive80, started her career as a pro-consumer advocate in the product and drug recall business. Being front seat to watching hundreds of thousands of consumers that could never get help from the existing legal system, it became clear that we as consumers had little voice to make change happen. Through her experience, she realized that if legal case wasn’t a slam dunk, no law firm would be willing to take on the burden of helping. If you went to the doctor at many of the ever-conglomerating medical groups across our country, you would often be seen for 3 to 10 minutes for the sake of hospital efficiency, without the ability to share your unique set of concerns, and sometimes even prescribed the wrong medication because it was faster or easier. She knew that if we could all help each other talk about health topics and really work together to solve them – connecting the dots from symptom-to-symptom, doctor-to-doctor, and city-to-city, that maybe the next mesh, Juul, or opioid addiction would not happen.

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